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Nicky Bloomfield
Total Therapy


The wordless communication between the hand that gives the massage and the body that receives it is a powerful connection.

 Massage is effective therapy for helping to relieve muscle tension and re-balancing the bodies muscular system. Whether it is deep seated muscle tensions or more emotional tension being held in the physical body, massage can help to ease and restore the balance, creating more comfort and efficiency within the body. Massage has a positive effect on the bodies physiological and psychological functions and can help with the following:

Beauty is truer and deeper than we normally allow ourselves to recognise and it arises from health in mind and body. Stimulating the circulation through massage, nourishing the skin, relaxing the muscles and calming the mind helps to achieve a glowing skin, shining eyes, a more relaxed body and an optimistic spirit.

Massage can therefore help as a truly comprehensive remedial treatment that helps to keep you looking young, feeling beautiful, and helping to ease muscle pain.

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