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Nicky Bloomfield
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Through Dynamic Yoga Be who you wish to be..... the very best you can be!

Helping with postural strength & core stability dynamic yoga helps to strengthen muscles through regular exercises. Within each class the student will be led through meditation, asanas, and relaxation within their own ability level. Small classes or 1-2-1 sessions maximize 100% achievement within your yoga practice. Develop focus, flexibility and agility, improve energy levels and body balance and improve your awareness of co-ordination with the practice of Yoga.

A Healthy Spine

Yoga focuses on the health and flexibility of the spine predominantly.  That is why all classes always include a forward bend, back bend and twists to either side of the spine.

The spine is home to the central nervous system which functions as a communicator between the body and brain, it senses and interprets our environment and body from the inside, out, and the actions we do both consciously and sub-consciously.

We carry out actions either voluntarily or involuntarily i.e. when we practice yoga we are conscious of our bodies’ movements and our brain tells us what we will do next so this is a voluntary action. In contrast, examples of involuntary action are  breathing, heart beats or food is digested, where the body  functions without a thought.

All these messages (the spinal nerve impulses) journey to and from the brain along the spinal cord which allows the brain to monitor and regulate processes such as digestion, breathing and coordination! Yoga stretches and cleanses the nerves of the spinal cord which clears toxins from the tissues, which then stabilizes the response of the nervous system to stress, removing persistent muscular tension produced by stress alerts from the central nervous system thus calming the involuntary symptoms of threat such as racing heart, anxiety, sweat etc… provoked by the sympathetic nervous system and its emergency coping system.

In this hectic, stressful life we lead trying to juggle, work, children, duties, play etc… we strain and stress our bodies without giving a moments thought, this stress needs to be released somehow for our bodies and mind to recover.

Physical Benefits of Yoga


Deep and controlled breathing reduces anxiety. Improves focus both physically and mentally. This deep breathing allows the body to relax and stretch further, deepening your own practice and warming the body from the inside.  

Core Strength

Yoga postures, ‘asanas’, help in building core strength. The slow focused movements require a strong core, when contracting the body we create a static contraction resistance training workout.

Flexibility and Agility

Regular practice will increase flexibility and range of movement, while relieving tension in the muscles. This alone will help with any physical problems relating to tension and arthritis in particular, contributing to increased mobility.

Mental Benefits of yoga

As you practice yoga your mind will become stronger as your body becomes stronger.  You will see the results physically from the exercise which will naturally cause a mental shift, along with this your confidence will grow, affecting your ability in all areas of life.

A strong body requires strong will power, determination and self respect.  As you work on strengthening postures for long periods of time stretching your limits you are challenging and building on your mental strength.

As you perform balance postures your focus and concentration will increase enabling you to direct the energy inwardly on areas of the body. Your body and mind will begin to work together and you can see for yourself the effect the mind has on your physical body. An unfocused, unclear mind will show in your physical body as lack of balance.

Co-ordination  develops through using the mind to tell the body what to do, many postures use alternate sides of the body to work on co-ordination,  using the mind to learn to control and correlate the body in these postures, so again you can see it is the mind talking to your body telling you which side needs to balance, relax or stretch more.

The relaxation postures will have a directly beneficial effect on your sympathetic nervous system and is when your body re-balances from the stretch and exercise of the postures. Your parasympathetic nervous system maintains and restores your energy, directing blood to your digestive tract and makes sure you actively digest food. It also maintains your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate at a low level. That's why it is sometimes called your 'rest and digest' system.

Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity.  This evolution includes all aspects of one's being, from bodily health to self-realization.  Yoga means union - the union of body with consciousness and consciousness with the soul.  

B.K.S. Iyengar, Astadala Yogamala


Meditation is a whole different mind game in which the mind is to be totally cleared of any thoughts, it is a process of many lifetimes where the mind can detach itself from the body and its whole environment with no awareness of time and lead to enlightenment or self realization but can only be achieved through meditation.


Asanas translates as “seat”, the whole point of physical yoga postures is to build a solid seat in which to guide the inward energy upwards along the spine which is why spine mobility is essential.

The physical exercises of yoga creates the energy internally and meditation directs the energy. You need to be able to sit for long periods of time with the back straight and no slouching for energy to circulate in the body, asanas gives your body a seat in which to practice meditation without distraction of the physical body.

Long Hold Postures

A posture should be a firm, stable seat in which to sit, whether  on the arms, hands, one foot, both feet or even the head!

When a ‘seat’ is a comfortable, sturdy hold. A strong asana means a stable seat which will not collapse with time or turbulence in both body and mind matters.

It is in the long holding of the postures that great transformations take place in both the body and even more so, the mind.

When you focus on something using the mind, you notice every little detail,

The longer holding postures build strength in both body and mind, as the body is being pushed to its limits and moving out of its comfort zone, there is no alternative but to adapt physically and mentally.

This longer holding also allows you to relax in a posture and deepen the stretch. With this type of class all aspects of strength, stillness and flexibility is increased.

The postures here will normally be held between 5-25 mins!

“In Stillness we find Strength”

The Downward Dog

The Three Legged Dog

The Shoulder Stand

The Plough

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Class Times

or 7.30-9.00pm


6.00 -7.30pm

At The Oak Room
1.05 -1.50pm

or 10.00am-11.30

Pregnancy Yoga (sat)

10.30am-12.00 noon


Single session £7.50
(Drop-in price)

6 sessions £42.00 for 1 - 6 wk course
Take a 2nd weekly 6 wk course - £39.00

1-2-1 session 1 hour


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Your mat space must be booked prior to the session to guarantee your space.

Cancellation Policy

Please give at least 24hours notice to cancel appointments as cancellations on the day cannot always be filled. Clients will be charged 50% of their treatment price for late cancellations and missed appointments.

Thank you for your respect and co-operation.